CiLLa83 and MeresOne Curator of 5Ptz #Save5ptz

What's going on everyone? Its the beginning to the week and the team here at Effectus Clothing is hard at work as always. Our Creative Director CiLLA83 has the opportunity to chill with a legend that he personally looks up to and admires. He fully supports the fight to save one of his favorite places in his hometown of Long Island City. Greedy politicians along with over the top rich landlords want to take this building and knock it down to put up new condos to further "develop" Long Island City. There is plenty of other buildings that can be knocked down in our opinion in our area! 

We here at Effectus Clothing feel that this building should stand as its the only place in New York City and the largest in the United States to legally do graffiti without having to worry about getting arrested. Some of the most amazing pieces from artists all around the world have come to 5ptz to put up their work. In our opinion its a shame that this nightmare of losing this iconic building might become a reality. 


Please help join the fight and sign the petition below. We thanks Meres One for his time and if you are ever in the area of Long Island City please stop by for a tour. They are located at 45-46 Davis Street in Long Island City New York. You can take the train to court square and Meres will give you an experience you will never forget.  To secure a photo or video shoot permit, schedule a tour,donate money to 5Pointz, or hire Meres email is the link to sign the petition to save this iconic building.



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