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Air Jordan, Air Yeezy, Fat Joe -

The homies at Sneakerwatch have a good video below about Fat Joe's comments on the Air Yeezy Sneakers" and how Kanye West claimed that the the "Yeezy's jumped over the Jumpman". Give us some feedback on this.   Michael Jordan is a legend in my book and Effectus Clothing will always have the latest shirts to match your Jordans.    

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air jordan, firered3s -

What's good people? Will the madness end? It seems not because every Saturday when I wake up I see my homies social media feeds complaining about how they are unable to get their kicks. Back in the day you used to be able to walk into a store and buy those kicks at anytime. The hype is real and we always got shirts to match your sneakers.  Shout out if you got your hands on the classic Air Jordan Fire Red 3s today. Im sorry but the Yeezy will not jump over the jump man!  

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air jordan, son of mars, True blue -

The True Blue has had a signature effect on the Air Jordan sneakers I must say. While the Son of Mars Air Jordan Sneakers haven't always been a pick for the true Jordan heads I think these pair of kicks might change a few heads.   Take a quick look at this sneaker and let me know your thoughts. Still the True Blue Jordan 3s will be my favorite but these can turn some heads for sneakerheads this weekend. Lets see what kind of sneakeroutfit you can come up with for these jayheads!   

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